Growing up on the border of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, and El Paso, Texas has profoundly impacted my artistic journey. The fusion of cultures and languages, along with the adaptability and resilience of its residents, has fostered in me a lasting appreciation for the richness and complexity that emerges from cultural intersections.

As an interdisciplinary sculptor, I push the boundaries of traditional artistic methods. In my work, I employ a fusion of techniques not only from the world of fine arts but also from diverse disciplines. By blending and incorporating non-traditional processes and materials with traditional sculptural techniques I bring my artistic vision to life.

While I draw inspiration from a wide range of sources, including science fiction, STEAM, interactive, and kinetic art, my process is fundamentally rooted in the transformation of ordinary objects, and elevating them to the status of sculptural matter. In my hands, the discarded and overlooked are reimagined, and upcycled into new forms that carry a narrative and significance transcending their original utilitarian purpose.

With my artwork, I aspire to celebrate human ingenuity and convey an appreciation for cultural diversity, while creating environmental awareness and encouraging viewers to rethink the value of everyday objects.
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